Discovered by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s, diathermy literally means “through heat.” While in his laboratory, Tesla’s assistants reported that their wounds, injuries and infections were healing faster than usual. Intrigued by these claims, Tesla began to research the subject and discovered that shortwave diathermy, the same technology used by VIVY, could deliver a deep heat capable of accelerating the healing process when applied to body tissue.

We know it sounds like the project of a mad scientist, but doctors, physical therapists, professional and collegiate sports teams, and even the U.S. Navy Seals all use shortwave diathermy. Until recently, shortwave diathermy machines have been big and cumbersome, requiring operation by trained therapists and only available in clinics. But VIVY’s patented technology makes the heating benefits of shortwave diathermy available direct-to-consumer for the first time.