The Side Effects of Pain


The Side Effects of Pain

March 11, 2016

If you’re a pain sufferer, you know the negative impact pain has on your life. It goes beyond the pain itself. Left untreated, pain can lead to additional side effects that further inhibit your enjoyment of life and negatively impact your health. The Integrative Pain Center of Arizona wrote a great blog, The Long-Term Effects of Untreated Chronic Pain, on this very topic!

Pain interrupts your life and keeps you from doing the things you love. You find yourself saying “no” to friends and staying home. You become less physically active, which could lead to reduced strength, weight gain or other health issues. You begin to lose your social connectedness and your identity. Pain can also stir up feelings of depression and anxiety, which only worsens the situation.

If you’re suffering from pain and haven’t found relief, please don’t stop your search. Give VIVY a try! She’s the first wearable device harnessing the deep heating and healing powers of diathermy, a proven technology that not only provides relief but also has been shown to promote the healing process. Diathermy uses special induction coils to create electromagnetic waves reaching deep into muscle tissue, generating heat across large muscle areas. This relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the injured area, removing debris, and aiding in the healing process. Our dream is to make this technology available to the public in a safe and easy to use device; VIVY. With your support, we can make VIVY a reality and help those who suffer from multiple forms of pain.